Product Strategy Workshop - Industry

Product Strategy Workshop



This workshop focuses on helping product leaders develop their company’s overall product strategy, and to define the product strategy for each “pod” within larger product organizations.

The workshop has a highly interactive, step-by-step approach which introduces different tools, models, and frameworks, followed by the application of these ideas to companies and products that product leaders know well. In the workshop, Gib introduces four models:

  • The GLEe model, describing what you will “Get big on,” how you will “Lead from there,” then eventually, “Expand to dent the universe.”
  • The DHM model, defining your hypotheses, or product strategies, for how you will “Delight customers, in Hard-to-copy, Margin-enhancing ways.”
  • The Strategy/Metric/Tactic lock-up for effectively measuring progress of key hypotheses, and teasing out projects or tactics against key hypotheses, and;
  • The GEM model, clarifying how to prioritize Growth, Engagement, and Monetization.

At the end of the workshop, Gib will show how these models work together to define a four-quarter, rolling product roadmap that pulls together all of the work above. The workshop ends with highly interactive case studies, demonstrating how Gib utilized quarterly product strategy meetings at both Netflix and Chegg to put a strategy into action, or as he puts it, “make wicked hard decisions about people, product, and the business.”

About Gibson Biddle. In 2005, Gib joined Netflix as VP of Product, helping the company grow from one to nearly 20 million subscribers.  In 2010, he became Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2013. Today, Chegg engages 15M students/year and has a market cap of $4.5 billion. Gib is now an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies, is a guest lecturer in entrepreneurship at Stanford, and gives product leader talks and workshops around the world.